Accounts Payable

Accounts payable represents a collection of financial documents reflecting a company's payments on short-term or recurring debts. The most important reports within accounts payable for a small business owner are usually the reports that track the company's total expenditures and specific payments within departments. A small business owner can also use accounts payable reports to verify bill payments.

About Reports in Accounts Payable

Reports within accounts payable are time sensitive in that the financial records only apply to specific periods of time. These time periods can vary depending on the frequency a business owner pays debts and other financial obligations. Usually, reports within accounts payable update monthly to reflect new payments made on recurring debts.

These payments apply to larger debts tied to private loans or costs of doing business, including monthly utility payments, private loan payments and mortgage or rent. Accounts payable can also include one-time payments made for purchases of assets, including equipment, replacement parts and advertising fees.

Accounts Payable KPI's
Total Outstanding Amount
Total Overdue Amount
Avg Time to Pay Invoices
Avg Payment Terms
Creditors (with outstanding invoices)
Creditors (with overdue invoices)
Overdue Invoices (cleared/not cleared)
Oustanding Invoices (not cleared)
Overdue Invoices % (cleared/not cleared)
Total Invoice Amount
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