Balance Sheet

Financial statement analysis (or financial analysis) is the process of reviewing and analyzing a company's financial statements to make better managerial decisions to increase financial performance of company, to succeed in business environment.
In this BI solution we propose a method or process involving specific techniques for evaluating risks, performance, financial health, and prospects of company. It is aimed to allow employees authorized to make managerial decisions (a) to identify the current financial position of the company as of date as well as financial results for specific time frame; (b) allow to measure liquidity, profitability, leverage, recourses turnover, company-wide efficiency, and cash flow; (c) to define trends by comparing ratios across multiple periods and statement types etc.
Data sources are commonly used and can be official financial statement of the company (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash flow Statements prepared based on the IFRS) as well as General ledger containing detailed list of all journal entries.
It's goal is to prepare comprehensive finance analysis based on Profit and Loss Statement aimed to visualize these results in way enough to make managerial decision related to the finance performance management.

It is used by a variety of stakeholders, such as credit and equity investors, the government, the public, and decision-makers within the organization. These stakeholders have different interests and apply a variety of different techniques to meet their needs. For example, equity investors are interested in the long-term earnings power of the organization and perhaps the sustainability and growth of dividend payments. Creditors want to ensure the interest and principal is paid on the organization's debt securities (e.g., bonds) when due.
Balance Sheet KPI's
Current Assets
Current Liabilities
Total Assets
Total Liabilities
Working Capital
Working Capital ratio
Liquidity ratio
Total Equity
Debt to equity ratio
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