Benefits Tableau can give to your QuickBooks®

BI has significantly moved forward
over the last decade and modern BI is definitely not about tabular reports and excel spreadsheets. You can forget about the situation when only specific employes can own and analyze your reports because specific knowledge is needed.

Now it is possible to work with dashboards yourself or cooperate with your colleagues without problems. Earlier it was quite impossible for small companies that used Quickbooks to have a wide range of BI solutions. All BI tools were expensive and companies not owning enterprise budgets couldn't afford that.

Talking about modern BI, you should understand that it has few main features. So you have to look for such BI solution that will be able to fulfill all of them. The perfect example is Tableau that can enrich your QuickBooks experience. Let's check the main features modern BI solutions like Tableau should have:

Visualizing your data

It is much better to have your data not in tabular reports but in stunning dashboards that help to understand and explore data in a more effective way. Tableau is one of the best market dashboard solutions that can transform digital data into comprehensive visualized format even in a drag-and-drop way.

Short time to get insights

You can build dashboards in Tableau in no time. Moreover, the app itself works quite fast, so you won't waste your precious time on unimportant things. People can display the data in the dashboard the way they want and get important insights and make decisions faster.

Now almost anyone can do tasks related to business intelligence because data analysis is more available now, employees can study data and see insights themselves. You can build a data-driven atmosphere in your company, not waiting for a few specialists to do all the job the way only they see it.


If you store your business data on different sources like SQL databases, Google Spreadsheets, QuickBooks, etc., you should be able to put all of it into one environment to be able to work with that information, analyze it and see dependencies between different processes.


You can view your dashboards almost on any device, being not tied to your office computer. You can also easily share it with other people. Moreover, you can share an interactive dashboard copy, so another person will be able to analyze it as well.

Price is affordable

Only big companies have enough money to implement expensive BI solutions, but SMB also needs good data analysis tools to develop their business, without spending all their money. Fortunately, affordable yet efficient solutions are available, Tableau is an example.
If you still haven't tried out Tableau, it's time to get started and implement modern BI solutions to your organization. Data visualization is a powerful tool that is worth trying especially if you use Quickbooks application that lacks visualization. Regardless of all the useful features mentioned above, you might still need some help creating the dashboards in the proper way so they would give you the maximum possible benefit. If you have QuickBooks, Quda will help you to move all that data into intuitive dashboards you`ll be able to understand, analyze and make decisive actions.
It might be difficult and time-consuming to do everything yourself at the beginning. We can either create for you dashboards of any complexity or provide you with some ready solutions like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Payable/Receivable dashboards and others. You will be surprised how much important data was left unnoticed only because it wasn`t visualized properly.

Here is a stunning example of our work, just move the slider to compare before/after results:

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