Profit and Loss

The profit and loss (P&L) statement is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period, usually a fiscal quarter or year.
These records provide information about a company's ability or inability to generate profit by increasing revenue, reducing costs or both. Some refer to the P&L statement as a statement of profit and loss, income statement, statement of operations, statement of financial results or income, earnings statement or expense statement. It`s an obligatory report in accordance to the international accounting rules as well as IFRS.
In this BI solution, we propose a method of using Sisense for forming a P&L report based on General Ledger (accounting journal entries transactions data) and analyzing P&L records aimed to cover finance performance assessment. Assessment of financial performance is primarily based on various methods of financial analysis. The aim is to achieve the desired level of complexity in evaluating firm and its activities. In the practice of financial analysis, financial ratios are mainly used for their simplicity and additional information value. It is aimed to allow employees authorized to make managerial decisions.

It's goal is to prepare comprehensive finance analysis based on Profit and Loss Statement aimed to visualize these results in way enough to make managerial decision related to the finance performance management.

Data sources are commonly used and can be an official financial statement of the company Profit and Loss account and General Ledger or Trial balance of the company. It is used by a variety of stakeholders, such as credit and equity investors, the government, the public, and decision-makers within the organization. These stakeholders have different interests and apply a variety of different techniques to meet their needs.
Total Revenues
Sum of Revenues
Gross Margin / Gross Margin %
Depreciation & Amortization
Interests & Taxes
OpEx to Revenues ratio
Operating Income / Operating Income %
Net Income / Net Income %
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